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Water Services for the Yukon & Beyond

When you need water at your site, whether it's residential or commercial, count on Yukon Water Services. As the largest potable water hauler in the Yukon, we have the ability and experience to meet your needs, whether you're in the mining industry or you're a living in a rural home. Learn more about our water services below, or contact us today to get started.

Some of our services include:

  • Water projects for the mining industry

    • Supplying water for drilling

    • Supplying potable water for miners

    • Winter road watering

  • Domestic water delivery

  • Road watering

  • Skating rinks

  • Contract water hauling

  • Seasonal parking lot washing*

  • Pool filling

  • Watering for road construction

*Service performed primarily in the spring.

Septic Service

Rent clean, equipped porta-potties and have them delivered to your location.

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